Friday, 9 June 2017

The morning after the night before


A very strange lunar landscape.

Labour might win Kensington where a recount is taking place. The world has gone mad.

It has been confirmed that Theresa May will visit Buckingham Palace at 12.30 to seek permission to form a government. What constitutional monstrosity is this? She doesn't need the Queen's permission - she already is the Queen's Prime Minister. She should go there to resign.

(Is this nonsense somehow to do with the Fixed Terms Act or are they just cretins when it comes to the constitution?)

The Tories should have given Nigel Farage a seat in Parliament and put him in the cabinet - he would have won them many votes. 

I always wanted Michael Gove for Prime Minister. He would presumably not have called an unnecessary election. Or perhaps he would - and have fared better.

As Ed Miliband said, after defeat in the 2015 election,

"When you win, everything you did was an act of genius and when you lose, everything you did was the work of a fool."
Theresa May looks a bloody fool today and must not stand upon the order of her going. Gordon Brown is vindicated in not going to the country in 2007 though James Callaghan is not for not doing so in 1988.

Macmillan and Heath looked far-sighted in taking us into the EEC. Now Enoch Powell and Gaitskell look visionary. 
Assuming, as of course I do, that Brexit happens. Some will attempt to undo the referendum result.

Theresa May reminds me of Hillary. Both are secretive, colourless, Blairite swots, who are frightened of speaking in public. Though Theresa May made her career on her merits not by marriage

Who should replace Mrs. May? Thank God Osborne didn't stand. I like Michael Gove, who is very clever, very nice and believes in Brexit. But he thinks he's not up to it. Nor is Boris. Boris would be no good. No good at all. A globalist who'd bomb Assad. A Hillary in drag.Hopeless at detail. He'd give us a very soft Brexit.

Best politician of all is Lord Salisbury, but he's a peer. Worst possible? Anna Mary Soubry, I suppose. (Or Ken Clarke.)

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  1. Ken Clarke, I agree, is your best politician. A decent man, anti Brexit, and as far from the Tory's of the lunatic right as you can get.
    I look forward to the partnership with the swivel eyed loons of the DUP who share your views on almost everything apart from Papism.