Friday, 9 June 2017

The exit poll points to a hung parliament, but exit polls have been wrong before


I take back what I said about loving elections.

For a moment the exit poll didn't register and it still hasn't sunk in, but it points towards a hung parliament.

The Telegraph said yesterday that exit polls are 'scarily accurate' but I well remember that they weren't in 1992.

They were wrong in 2015 too, at least so Michael Crick says.

I did see signs of Jeremy Corbyn touching a chord with the English. He is obviously anti-Nato and anti-EU which made him seem like an Englishman when in fact he is a globalist (Marxist version) and hollow ideologue. He is the British Bernie Sanders, but Bernie, for all his utter inadequacy and his praise for Casto, is a democratic socialist, not a communist, a supporter of terrorism or a security threat. Theresa May is as colourless a swot as Hillary, but a much more substantial person.

Corbyn of course is a populist but, we'd all assumed, an unpopular one.

It seems we we all wrong.

If we are very unlucky indeed, Malvolio might become Henry V.

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